NedWorks and T-shaped Academy join forces

25 Oct 22
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Digital experts are more than ever in demand

Performance marketer. Content creator. Paid media specialist. As marketing technologies rapidly evolve, the demand for the right expertise rises. “It is no exception that vacancies are open for months to a year,” says Isabel, co-founder of T-shaped Academy. The company from Ghent specializes in practical training for marketers. “We notice that the old way of training no longer works and it’s often perceived as a mandatory task. On top of that, they are usually generic, stemming from a one-size-fits-all idea. As a participant, you should be so lucky to be able to actually apply one or two things. This can be better.”

“Traditional training stems from a one-size-fits-all idea. As a participant, you should be so lucky to be able to actually apply one or two things. This can be better.”

Isabel Van Ruyskensvelde, Co-founder at T-shaped Academy

“At the same time, we see that professionals quickly shift companies,” says Nele Vanhecke of NedWorks. “So, it’s important to understand what fascinates people. Is there a cultural fit with the company? Does the onboarding run smoothly? Are there enough growth opportunities? Employers state that they struggle to find the right profiles and keep them aboard. Our approach in collaboration with T-shaped Academy offers an answer to this.”

A new learning method to empower digital experts

“We make an impact by providing on-the-job learning, giving feedback, and asking questions. People are looking for companies that invest in their employees. It’s a trend we can’t ignore. The demand for horizontal growth is on the rise as not everyone wants to become a manager. Learning new skills and improving job content matter as well.”

This approach puts an end to the traditional theory-heavy learning method. Instead, NedWorks and T-shaped opt for an active learning method. How? By combining an online learning platform and weekly coaching with a seasoned expert. In consultation with the employer, a tailored 12-week training course is created. The marketers will then apply what they learn immediately on their job.

“How is this helpful? Candidates aligned with the employer’s values​ stay in the running, even if they lack technical knowledge,” Isabel adds. “If a motivated individual fits in the team, we can teach them hard skills. That is much easier than the other way around. If an individual has the knowledge but lacks alignment with the employer’s values, that’s hard to teach.”

Allowing people to grow in their expertise benefits you as a person and as a company. A T-shaped approach enables people to start thinking from a broader vision. You can work in a much more focused way within your niche if you see the broader picture.

Nele Vanhecke, Managing Director at NedWorks

Personal growth plans as the foundation of success

NedWorks has been a reference in the world of digital experts for years. While they look for the right match, T-shaped Academy fills the knowledge gaps. Thanks to a customized trajectory, the marketer can work independently with confidence.

“Our goal is to support enterprises in helping people reach their full potential. A personal growth plan is often lacking in an individual’s career path. That’s where we come in with our expertise and community of digital experts. We help find ways to develop digital teams from a sustainable, strategic framework,” Nele concludes.

Isabel Van Ruyskensvelde (T-shaped Academy), Nele Vanhecke (NedWorks), Stein Peeters (T-shaped Academy)
Written by
Caterina Janssens, Marketing Manager at Sisu

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