Sisu Group Expands with the Launch of Evertys

02 Oct 23
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Antwerp/Braine-l’Alleud, 2 October 2023 – The HR, Finance and Legal business lines of Strand Associates Consulting will be regrouped as an independent brand under the name Evertys. The creation of the Evertys entity marks the newest brand of the Sisu Group, which is also home to Strand Associates Consulting, Catalay, Ariad Group and Prosource.

Milestone moment

The story of Evertys started in 2020 at Sisu’s Incubation program, a growth-focused environment where new initiatives can thrive. In collaboration with Sisu’s leadership team, Mickaël Goudmaeker built a dedicated unit focused on HR, Finance and Legal that went on to achieve success for three years. This success indicated that the Incubator was ready to transform into its very own brand, Evertys.

‘Sisu: enables growth from within as the story of the Incubator shows: 
there are a lot of internal opportunities to seize for talented individuals and teams.’
-Stéphane Collignon

Now, the launch of the Evertys brand is the next milestone for Sisu Group and is fully in line with the ambition to develop strong specialist communities. Consequently, Strand Associates Consulting will fully focus on the Life Sciences industry. 

Evertys’ leadership team includes Mickael Goudmaeker (Director), Stephane Collignon (CEO), Kris Cuypers (CPO), Max Theyskens (Business Officer), and Niels Bervoets (CFO).  

Mickaël Goudmaeker, Director at Evertys and Stéphane Collignon, CEO at Sisu Group
Community of experts

Evertys offers specialized Core Business Solutions – mainly in HR, Finance, and Legal consulting services tailored to the client’s business needs. Evertys’ experts collaborate closely with clients to navigate challenges and explore opportunities, ensuring success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

‘At Evertys, we’ve always believed in the power of collaboration. Our expanded branch is a space where our community of experts can come together to innovate, share insights, and drive progress.

-Mickaël Goudmaeker
Future ambitions

The ambition intertwines the specialized expertise of Evertys with the broader objectives of Sisu Group and shares the drive to create a positive impact on businesses across multiple industries, including Insurance, Technology, Banking, Retail, Energy, Hospitality, and more.  

‘The launch of Evertys offers more solutions to our clients as the market continues to expand. And it doesn’t end here. As Sisu Group continues to actively work on its growth strategy, we’re also investigating potential future strategic acquisitions. Entrepreneurs that are interested in a collaboration are welcome to reach out!’ -Stéphane Collignon

Facts & figures


  • 2020: Launch of Incubator
  • 2021: Sisu: Group as holding is rebranded and the new house for its brands
  • 2023: The HR/Finance/Legal Business lines are positioned stronger within the group to develop further  
  • 2023: Launch of Evertys as an expertise company in Core Business Functions: HR, FIN, LEG
  • 40+ employees

Sisu Group

  • 2009: Strand Associates Consulting is founded by Stephane Collignon (Sisu Group) & partners
  • 2018: Acquisition of NedWorks 
  • 2019: Acquisition of Catalay, Evertys & Prosource
  • 2020: Acquisition of Projectpolis and integration with Prosource
  • 2021: Sisu Group as holding is rebranded and the new house for its brands
  • 2022: Entry of Down2Earth to support growth ambitions and further acceleration of Sisu Group
  • 2023: Acquisition of Ariad Group by Sisu Group and launch of Evertys
  • Expected Turnover 2023: 60M
  • 600+ employees
Written by
Caterina Janssens

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