We’re in it for the long game

Sisu [ˈsɪsuː – ancient Finnish] means perseverance, resilience, courage, and tenacity. To have Sisu, is to see the horizon by connecting the dots and focusing on the long term.

When confronted with disruption or change, organisations are required to adapt and to radically rethink their strategy. In the face of uncertainty, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the multitude of choices. To operate boldly in the face of the unknown, that’s Sisu.

Sisu is a mindset that allows you to embrace disruption and create new opportunities.

The future of work is human

At Sisu, we can help build bridges between the now and the future. Together we can make your workforce work smarter and faster. We look at today’s needs but always keep tomorrow in mind. We offer advisory, training, talent support services and integrate our experts seamlessly into your company.

We close workforce gaps with industry expertise. Allowing your company to change gears and grow faster.

We build the future of human capital together :

The traditional way

Serving clients reactively, by tackling what is asked and not what is needed.

General expertise

Expertise in staffing with a general domain focus.

General talent/staffing model

Excludes industry expertise and results in a general talentpool without the finesse for your industry.


Offering quick staffing products instead of long-term solutions.


Quick win and short-term benefits.

Ad hoc solutions

Executing on temporary needs.

The Sisu way

Working with clients proactively: based on today’s needs, keeping tomorrow in mind.

Industry-based expertise

We invest in industry experts with an outstanding human capital track record to keep our finger on the pulse of industry trends.

Domain-based model

Our industry experts are a domain-relevant talentpool community, fit for temporary and permanent workforce solutions.


Thinking along with your business strategy and providing futureproof talent solutions.


You can count on us to have a sparring partner to help build your organisation of the future.


Having access to Sisu’s ecosystem means choosing for a long-term partnership.

We help you to navigate forward.

Each industry comes with its own set of challenges. We offer domain-based expertise, all powered by Sisu. Our divisions have focus, but our group shares a common philosophy.

Sisu is an ecosystem in which we share resources, centralize knowledge and train our experts to become agile Sisu-oriented intrapreneurs.

Ready to Elevate your human capital?