Nele Vanhecke replaces Guy Gelaude as Managing Director at NedWorks

25 Oct 22
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With 20+ years of experience in international sales & marketing across various industries, Nele Vanhecke brings the right expertise to the table.

Nele Vanhecke replaces Guy Gelaude as Managing Director at NedWorks
Guy Gelaude, who will soon be taking on another professional challenge, has full confidence in his successor. “Nele replaces me as MD and from now on will take care of the operational management of NedWorks. The mission of NedWorks, namely valorizing human capital in the domain of digital marketing, remains unchanged. I am convinced that Nele is the right person to take NedWorks to the next level.”

Since her arrival at NedWorks about a year and a half ago, Nele has felt right at home.

“I look forward to building on Guy’s foundation with the fantastic NedWorks team. Expanding our services and creating impact for Belgian SMEs remains our focus. We will do this by continuing to invest in inspiring communities in marketing & digital.”

Nele Vanhecke, Managing Director at NedWorks

New energy at Sisu Group

As an MD at NedWorks, Nele also takes her place in the management of parent company Sisu Group. CEO Stéphane Collignon is already looking forward to the collaboration.

“Nele knows how to turn a challenge into an opportunity and that is what the Sisu mindset is all about. We are therefore delighted that she will take over from Guy and we are confident that she will further inspire the team to continue the growth of Nedworks!”

Stéphane Collignon, CEO Sisu Group
Nele Vanhecke and Guy Gelaude
Written by
Caterina Janssens, Marketing Manager at Sisu

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